Rev-A-Shelf Large Adjustable Door mount Spice Rack 4ASR-21

The Rev-A-Shelf Large Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack 4ASR-21 is a kitchen organizer designed to maximize storage efficiency. It can be customized to fit various cabinet door sizes and provides ample space for storing spices and small kitchen items. Attaching it to the inside of a cabinet door offers a practical and organized solution to keep your spices easily accessible while saving valuable kitchen space.

Adjustable Design: The Adjustable means that this spice rack can be customized to fit various cabinet door sizes. This flexibility allows you to install it on different cabinet doors in your kitchen.

Door Mount: This spice rack is meant to be attached to the inside of a cabinet door. This design maximizes the use of space in your kitchen by utilizing the often underutilized area on the back of cabinet doors.

Large Capacity: The "Large" designation implies that this spice rack offers ample space for storing a significant number of spice jars or other small kitchen items. This can help you keep your spices and seasonings organized and easily accessible.

Organizational Solution: The primary purpose of this product is to provide an efficient and organized solution for storing spices and similar small kitchen items. It typically includes multiple shelves or racks for holding spice jars, making it convenient to find the spice you need while cooking.

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