Tresco 12VDC 2M (79") N2 Top Emitting Starter Cord White L-N2-12PKT-2M-1

Tresco12VDC 2M (79") N2 Top Emitting Starter Cord in elegant white, with the product code L-N2-12PKT-2M-1. Designed to elevate your device connectivity, this starter cord stretches over 2 meters (approx. 79 inches), providing ample reach for your needs. Operating at a dependable 12-volt DC, it ensures a consistent power supply for your devices. The top-emitting feature makes it ideal for applications where emission occurs from the device's upper side. Versatile and reliable, our starter cord is your gateway to seamless, efficient device operation. Upgrade to our top-notch starter cord today and experience connectivity like never before.

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