Tresco 12VDC 3W/FT 5M (16.4') 3000K N2 Top W/2 Molded Inputs L-N2-12V3WM-30K-5M-1

The L-N2-12V3WM-30K-5M-1 is a 5-meter (16.4 feet) LED strip designed for lighting applications. This LED strip operates on a 12-volt direct current (DC) power supply. Each foot of this strip consumes 3 watts of power, making it an energy-efficient lighting option. The light emitted by the LEDs has a color temperature of 3000K, producing a warm white illumination that's commonly used for cozy and inviting environments.

For convenience during installation, the LED strip is equipped with two molded input connectors. These connectors are designated as "L" and "N2," which likely correspond to line and neutral connections. The "TOP" designation might indicate the recommended orientation during installation.
The L-N2-12V3WM-30K-5M-1 LED strip offers 5 meters of energy-efficient, warm white lighting powered by a 12V DC source. It features a total power output of 3 watts per foot and comes with molded input connectors to simplify the installation process.

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