Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-RTDRK-16

5-Pack 16 Ft. 120 Lumens Per Foot Radiance Touch Dimmer Switch Tape Light Kit, 3000K White, Soft White, Retail Box

The Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit, model L-RTDRK-16-305P, offers a convenient and versatile lighting solution. This 5-pack kit includes 16-foot-long tape lights, providing an impressive 120 lumens per foot of illumination. The lights emit a soft white glow at 3000K, creating a welcoming ambiance.

Each kit comes equipped with a touch dimmer switch, allowing easy adjustment of brightness levels to suit various needs. The retail box packaging ensures straightforward setup and installation.

- Dimensions:
- Length: 16 feet per tape light strip
- Lumens: 120 per foot
- Light Color: 3000K Soft White
- IP Rating: IP65 (Weatherproof)
- Driver: 12V, Plug-in Included
- Attachment Type: 3M Ultra Bond Double-Sided Adhesive
- Dimmable with compatible dimmer or dimming system
- Beam Angle: 120°
- Diode Density: 300 per roll

This lighting kit offers impressive specifications, including weatherproof construction (IP65), 3000K Soft White light, and convenient attachment via 3M Ultra Bond Double Sided Adhesive. It's also dimmable with compatible dimmers or dimming systems, providing customizable illumination. With a wide 120° beam angle and a density of 300 diodes per roll, it's designed to offer both versatility and quality lighting.

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