Rev-A-Shelf 35 Qrt Pull-Out Waste Container 4WCSC-1535DM19-1

The Rev-A-Shelf 35 Quart Pull-Out Waste Container, model 4WCSC-1535DM19-1, is a highly practical and space-saving solution for maintaining a clean and organized kitchen environment. Designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry, this waste container offers both convenience and discretion.

With a generous 35-quart capacity, this container can easily accommodate your daily kitchen waste, whether it's trash or recyclables. Its pull-out design ensures easy access, allowing you to effortlessly dispose of items without the need to constantly open and close cabinet doors. This not only streamlines your kitchen routine but also keeps unsightly waste out of sight.

Crafted from durable materials, such as high-quality plastic or metal, this waste container is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its robust construction guarantees that it won't buckle under the weight of your waste.

Capacity: The container has a capacity of 35 quarts, which is approximately 8.75 gallons or 33.1 liters. This size is suitable for holding a moderate amount of kitchen trash or recycling materials.

This waste container is designed to be installed inside a kitchen cabinet. It has a pull-out mechanism that allows you to easily access and dispose of trash or recyclables. The pull-out design helps keep your kitchen organized and conceals the waste containers from view.

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