Tresco Wireless Door Sensor Nickel L-WLDS-NI-1

Enhance your home security with the Tresco Wireless Door Sensor in Nickel (L-WLDS-NI-1). Its sleek nickel finish effortlessly complements your decor while discreetly monitoring door activity. Receive instant notifications through the Tresco smart home system whenever a door is opened or closed. This sensor's easy installation and compatibility make it a seamless addition to your home protection strategy. Elevate your peace of mind with style and functionality. The Tresco Wireless Door Sensor in Nickel (L-WLDS-NI-1) offers stylish security, seamlessly blending with decor. It monitors doors, providing real-time alerts via Tresco's smart home system.

  • Design: Stylish nickel finish, blends with decor.
  • Function: Monitors door openings and closings for security.
  • Installation: Easy setup, compatible with Tresco's smart home system.
  • Alerts: Provides real-time notifications on connected devices.
  • Dimensions: 1.42"W x 1.42"D x 0.59"H

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