Tresco 12/24VDC Wireless Door Sensor Receiver L-WLDSREC-1

The Tresco L-WLDSREC-1 is a wireless door sensor receiver designed for easy integration into security systems. Compatible with 12VDC and 24VDC power sources, it works with Tresco's wireless door sensors to enhance monitoring of entry points. Its compact dimensions ensure discreet placement, and reliable wireless communication transmits real-time door status to control panels. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, the L-WLDSREC-1 is a versatile solution for efficient door monitoring.

The L-WLDSREC-1 is unobtrusive and easy to place discreetly. It pairs effortlessly with Tresco's wireless door sensors, providing real-time door status updates to control panels or central monitoring stations. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this receiver is a reliable solution for efficient door monitoring and security.

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