Tresco Swidget 120VAC 300W Toggle Switch w/WI-FI Insert White L-S16001WI000-1

Upgrade your home with the innovative Swidget Standard Switch with Wi-Fi Control Insert. Transform your regular 120VAC outlet into a smart powerhouse, offering both convenience and control. With a sleek white design, this switch seamlessly blends into your space while providing the flexibility of controlling your lighting and appliances remotely through Wi-Fi.

- Dimensions: Compact and unobtrusive
- Power: 300W to 600W, adapting to your needs
- Smart Functionality: Easily control devices for the perfect ambiance
- Integration: Seamlessly fits into your existing 120VAC outlet
- Modern Design: Enhance your home aesthetics with the sleek white finish

Embrace the future of home automation and make your life simpler with the Swidget Standard Switch – intelligence at your fingertips.

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