Tresco Swidget 120VAC 300W Toggle Switch w/o Insert White L-S16001WA-1

The SWIDGET L-S16001WA-1 is a versatile and reliable toggle switch designed to provide seamless control over electrical devices. With a robust construction and a sleek white finish, this toggle switch offers both functionality and aesthetics. 

Voltage Compatibility: Designed for use with a 120VAC power supply, making it suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.
High Power Handling: Capable of handling up to 300W of electrical load, ensuring compatibility with various devices and appliances.
Toggle Switch Design: The toggle switch design offers a tactile and intuitive way to control the connected devices, making it easy to turn them on or off.
Customization Option: This version of the SWIDGET toggle switch comes without an insert, allowing you to personalize its functionality by adding compatible SWIDGET inserts if needed.
Elegant White Finish: The switch features a clean white color that seamlessly blends with different environments and interior styles.

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