Rev-A-Shelf Medium Adjustable Door mount Spice Rack 4ASR-18

The Rev-A-Shelf Medium Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack (4ASR-18) is a versatile storage solution designed for your kitchen. Measuring 18 inches in width, it offers a medium-sized storage capacity that is perfect for organizing spices, condiments, or other small kitchen items. Its adjustable shelves allow you to customize the spacing to accommodate various container sizes. By mounting it on the inside of your cabinet or pantry door, you can make the most of your kitchen space while keeping your essentials within easy reach. 

Adjustable Shelves: This spice rack comes with multiple adjustable shelves that can be customized to suit your needs. You can modify the spacing between the shelves to accommodate various sizes of spice containers, condiments, or other small kitchen items.

Easy Installation: The spice rack is designed for easy installation on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door. It typically includes all the necessary mounting hardware such as screws or brackets, making the setup process straightforward.

Space-Saving Design: By utilizing the inside of your cabinet or pantry door, this spice rack optimizes space in your kitchen. It keeps your spices and small items neatly organized and easily accessible, helping you free up valuable counter and shelf space.

Durable Construction: Rev-A-Shelf products are known for their durability. The spice rack is typically constructed from sturdy materials like metal or wood, ensuring its longevity and the safe storage of your kitchen essentials.

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