Connecting Bolt, Rafix 20 With special thread, Zinc-plated, thread length

Available in Lengths of 8 mm and 15 mm

The Bolt Rafix 20 with a special thread, zinc-plated and a thread length of 8 mm, is a versatile fastening solution known for its reliability and durability. This bolt is specifically designed for connecting various materials, offering a secure hold and stability in assembly. The zinc-plated finish provides corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity even in demanding environments. With its precise dimensions and specialized threading, it's an ideal choice for applications requiring strength and a neat, flush appearance. Whether used in furniture construction or other projects, the Bolt Rafix 20 stands out for its quality and performance.
Thread: Special thread

For drill hole: 5.00 mm

Material: Steel

Drive: PZ2 cross slot, Flat blade

Bolt hole: 7.00 mm

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