Task Lighting Single Color Lighting 11-7/8" 120-Volt Bar Light, Dimmable and 3-Color Selectable, Black L-BL12-BK-TW, Dark Silver L-BL12-DS-TW, White L-BL12-WT-TW

Introducing the Task Lighting Single Color Lighting 11-7/8" 120-Volt Bar Light, a sleek and versatile lighting solution designed to transform your space. With dimensions of 11-7/8 inches, this bar light is crafted to provide focused illumination exactly where you need it. Its 120-volt power ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Key Features:
Dimmable Functionality: Tailor the brightness to your preference with seamless dimming options.
3-Color Selectable: Choose from three distinct colors to create the ideal ambiance for any setting or mood.

Versatile Design: Perfect for task lighting, this bar light is ideal for workspaces, kitchens, studios, or any area requiring targeted lighting.

Dimensional Excellence: At 11-7/8 inches in length, this bar light is crafted for targeted lighting, providing concentrated brightness exactly where needed.

Multi-Functional Dimming: Enjoy customizable brightness levels, adjusting from ambient to task-oriented lighting, enhancing functionality and mood as desired.

Triple Color Selection: Explore three distinct color options to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion—choose from warm, neutral, or cool hues.

Easy Installation: Designed for convenience, the installation process is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Energy-Efficient: Crafted to conserve energy without compromising on brightness or performance, ensuring cost-effectiveness over time.

Sleek and Versatile Design: The minimalist design seamlessly integrates into various settings, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Experience the convenience of tailored lighting with this bar light's dimmable and color-selectable features, providing not just illumination, but the ability to curate the ideal ambiance effortlessly.

Enhance your environment with this adaptable and customizable bar light, offering not only functionality but also the ability to personalize your lighting experience effortlessly."

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