Task Lighting 16 Ft., 120 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Accent Output Uno Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 1 Zone 1 Area, Single-White, L-RK1Z1A-16

16 Ft., 120 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Accent Output Uno Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 1 Zone 1 Area, Single-White

Task Lighting's Radiance series of LED tape lights offer an optimal solution for ambient, cove, and under-cabinet lighting needs. They provide medium illumination with a single color, offering 120 lumens per foot. These lights are designed for versatile use, being IP65 wet location rated, ensuring their suitability for various environments. The high color rendering index (90+ CRI) enhances the vividness and richness of colors within the illuminated space.

The kit offers an all-in-one solution, catering to installing a 16-foot area with a Uno wireless one-zone controller. It includes a 16 ft roll of Radiance Series tape light, two 6-packs of 8 mm EZ connectors, a plug-in 12V 24W power supply, 25 ft connection wire, a one-zone Uno wireless controller, one wireless receiver, a screwdriver, and adhesive promoter wipes. These lights can be tailored to specific lengths, ensuring even and beautiful lighting in any space. Expansion packs are available for easy expansion (sold separately).

Key Features:
- 1 Zone - 1 Area Configuration
- Dimmable using the included wireless controller and receivers
- IP65 waterproof rated tape light with protective micro waterproof silicone coating
- Field cuttable at approximately every 2 inches (on designated cut marks)
- 3M™ 300LSE waterproof adhesive tape for secure installation
- High CRI of 90+ for accurate color rendering
- 18 diodes per foot
- Operating temperature range: -4º to 140º F
- 30,000-hour rated lifespan
- Note: In this context, a "zone" refers to a portion of tape light controlled by a receiver linked to the same wireless controller, while an "area" denotes a location requiring a separate power supply.

This versatile lighting solution offers convenient installation without needing an electrician, featuring plug-in power supplies. With their adaptability and quality features, these LED tape lights provide an excellent option for various lighting applications.

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