Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-VURK-16-40

16 Ft. 225 Lumens Per Foot Vivid Uno Wireless Controller Retail Tape Light Kit, 1 Zone 1 Area

The Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-VURK-16-40 is a cutting-edge lighting solution that seamlessly combines convenience with high-quality illumination. Spanning a generous 16 feet in length, this kit provides extensive coverage for various lighting applications, from accentuating architectural details to creating captivating ambient environments.

Featuring an impressive brightness of 225 lumens per foot, this kit ensures a vivid and radiant lighting experience. The innovative Vivid Uno Wireless Controller adds a new level of convenience, allowing users to effortlessly control the lighting within a designated zone or area. This 1 Zone 1 Area configuration offers targeted control for specific spaces, enhancing customization and usability.

The dimensions of this kit are tailored for versatile integration, ensuring easy installation in diverse environments without compromising on its exceptional performance. The 16-foot length allows for flexible arrangements, adapting to specific lighting needs while maintaining consistent and reliable illumination throughout.

Designed for both residential and commercial settings, the Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit stands out for its combination of advanced technology and practicality. Elevate your lighting experience with this meticulously crafted tape light kit, offering brilliant luminosity and user-friendly wireless control for a seamless lighting solution.


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