Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit  L-VUK1Z1A-16

16 Ft., 225 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Standard Output Uno Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 1 Zone 1 Area, Single-White, Soft. 

The Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-VUK1Z1A-16 is a comprehensive 16-foot tape light kit crafted for versatile lighting solutions. Emitting a soft white glow at 3000K color temperature, it provides a warm and inviting ambiance suitable for various indoor settings.

At an impressive 225 lumens per foot output, this kit offers ample brightness, making it ideal for illuminating workspaces, kitchens, or areas where enhanced visibility is essential.

Operating at a 12-volt standard output, it features an Uno Wireless Controller tailored for a single zone and area control. This allows users to manage the lighting within a specific zone, providing a customized lighting experience.

In terms of dimensions, the tape light is 16 feet in length, offering extensive coverage for installation across different surfaces or within fixtures. Typically, tape lights maintain a slim profile, approximately half an inch in width and less than a quarter inch in depth, enabling easy and discreet installation in various settings.

Overall, this kit combines powerful illumination with a warm, soft white hue and wireless control capabilities, making it a versatile and efficient lighting solution for creating inviting and well-lit environments in residential or commercial spaces.


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