Task Lighting 65 Ft., 225 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Standard Output Quattro Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 4 Zone 4 Area, Single-White, L-VK4Z4A-65

Dimension - 65 Ft., 225 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Standard Output Quattro Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 4 Zone 4 Area, Single-White

Task Lighting's Vivid series of LED tape lights are a top choice for ambient, cove, and under-cabinet lighting applications. These lights offer higher illumination, providing 225 lumens per foot. They boast an IP65 wet location rating, making them suitable for various environments. With a high color rendering index (90+ CRI), these lights ensure rich and vibrant colors in the illuminated area.

Cuttable every inch, the tape lights feature 3M™ adhesive backing, ensuring secure installation on various surfaces. Pairing these lights with aluminum housings provides added protection and reduces glare.

The comprehensive kit is an all-in-one solution, facilitating the installation of 65 feet of Vivid series LED tape lighting with a Quattro wireless four-zone controller. It includes four 16 ft rolls of Vivid series LED tape (65 ft total) with 3M Ultra Bond double-stick tape for easy installation, four 6-packs of 8 mm EZ connectors, two plug-in 60W power supplies, two plug-in 96W power supplies, 100 ft connection wire, a four-zone Quattro wireless controller, four wireless receivers, a screwdriver, and adhesive promoter wipes. Customizable tape lengths enable even lighting in any space, and expansion packs (sold separately) offer easy scalability.

Key Features:
- 4 Zone - 4 Area Configuration
- Dimmable using the included wireless controller and receivers
- Field cuttable approximately every 1 inch (on designated cut marks)
- 3M™ 300LSE waterproof adhesive tape for secure installation
- High CRI of 90+ for accurate color rendering
- IP65-rated protective micro waterproof coating for wet locations
- 36 diodes per foot
- Operating temperature range: -4º to 140º F
- 30,000-hour rated lifespan
- Note: In this context, a "zone" refers to a portion of tape light controlled by a receiver linked to the same wireless controller, while an "area" denotes a location requiring a separate power supply.

This versatile lighting solution ensures customizable, high-quality lighting in diverse spaces, offering convenience with its wireless control and expandable design. With its durability and impressive features, the Vivid series LED tape lights cater to various lighting needs effectively.

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