Task Lighting Bar Light 120V Tunable L-BL09-BK-TW

2 ft Linking Cable for 120V Bar Light, White

The Task Lighting Bar Light 120V Tunable (L-BL09-BK-TW) is a versatile lighting solution designed for precise illumination. With its adjustable tunable feature, it offers customizable lighting options to suit various environments.

- Bar Light: Length: 2 feet (24 inches)
- Linking Cable: Length: 2 feet (24 inches), Color: White

The 120V Bar Light delivers focused lighting, perfect for task-oriented spaces, highlighting specific areas or providing ample illumination for work surfaces. Its sleek design and tunable settings make it adaptable to different lighting needs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

The 2 ft Linking Cable, in white, facilitates the connection between multiple bar lights, allowing for expanded coverage or tailored configurations to fit the layout of your space.

Overall, this lighting system combines practicality, adjustability, and ease of installation, making it an excellent choice for various residential or commercial settings seeking precise, customizable lighting solutions.


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