Rev-A-Shelf DBL 35 QT Value Line Bottom Mount W/SC Slides 18" CAB 4VLWCSC-1835DM-2

The Rev-A-Shelf DBL 35 QT Value Line Bottom Mount with Soft-Close Slides, designed for 18" cabinets, is a practical and space-efficient storage solution for your kitchen or utility room. This product includes two 35-quart waste containers with a sturdy bottom mount system for easy access and efficient waste management. What sets it apart is its soft-close feature, ensuring quiet and controlled closure to minimize noise and prevent slamming. The 18" size is ideal for standard cabinet dimensions, making it a convenient addition to your home. 

With its durable construction and smooth soft-close mechanism, it offers a premium experience in waste management, all while maximizing the use of your cabinet space. Say goodbye to noisy, messy trash disposal, and welcome a more organized and efficient way of handling waste in your home. This product is a practical and stylish addition to any household seeking a cleaner and more organized living space.

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