Rev-A-Shelf 20" LD Banded Wood D-Shape Tray W/Steel Bearing 1 PER LD-4BW-201-20SBS-1

The Rev-A-Shelf 20" LD Banded Wood D-Shape Tray with Steel Bearing (available as 1 per package) is a high-quality, versatile storage solution for your kitchen cabinets. This tray is designed in a D-shape to maximize storage space, making it ideal for corner cabinets or any area where efficient storage is essential. Crafted from durable wood with a banded perimeter, it offers both sturdiness and a classic appearance.

The steel bearings incorporated into the design allow the tray to smoothly rotate, making it easy to access items stored within the cabinet. Whether you're storing pots, pans, or other kitchen essentials, this Rev-A-Shelf tray simplifies your access and organization. Installation is straightforward, and the package includes one tray, ready to elevate your cabinet storage and organization. Upgrade your kitchen with the Rev-A-Shelf 20" LD Banded Wood D-Shape Tray for more functional and efficient cabinet space.

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