Rev-A-Shelf DBL 35 QT Bottom Mount Waste Container 4WCBM-18DM-2

The Rev-A-Shelf DBL 35 QT BOTTOM MOUNT WASTE CONTAINER, also known by the model number 4WCBM-18DM-2, is a high-quality waste management solution designed for kitchen cabinets. This product features a 35 QT waste container that is installed beneath the cabinet, allowing for a clean and space-saving waste disposal option. It is a bottom-mount system, which means the container is hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed, maintaining a sleek and organized appearance in the kitchen. The Rev-A-Shelf DBL 35 QT BOTTOM MOUNT WASTE CONTAINER is a practical and convenient solution for keeping your kitchen tidy and efficient by providing an easily accessible and discreet place to dispose of trash and recyclables.

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