Rev-A-Shelf Sink Base Drip Tray 27/30 Sink Cabinets Silver Ind Pack SBDT-2730-S-1

The Rev-A-Shelf Sink Base Drip Tray for 27/30-inch Sink Cabinets in Silver, Individual Pack (SBDT-2730-S-1), is a practical and innovative kitchen accessory designed to protect your cabinets from moisture and spills. This drip tray is specifically crafted to fit into sink base cabinets with a width of 27 to 30 inches. It serves as a shield against water damage and helps keep the area under your sink clean and dry.

The tray is constructed in a sleek silver finish, adding a touch of style to your kitchen while providing a functional solution. It can be easily installed, and its low-profile design ensures it doesn't take up much space, allowing you to maximize the storage potential of your cabinet. The Rev-A-Shelf Sink Base Drip Tray is a reliable and convenient addition to your kitchen, ensuring that any water or liquid spills are contained and preventing potential damage to your cabinetry.

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