Rev-A-Shelf SGL SM 35 QT Top-Mount Soft Close Ball Bearing 12' WIDE 4WCTM-12BBSCDM1

The Rev-A-Shelf SGL SM 35 QT TOP-MOUNT SOFT CLOSE BALL BEARING 12' WIDE 4WCTM-12BBSCDM1 is a premium kitchen cabinet organization solution that combines durability and convenience. With a generous 35-quart (8.75-gallon) storage capacity, this top-mount unit is ideal for efficient waste disposal or recycling within your kitchen. The soft-close mechanism ensures a smooth and quiet operation, preventing slamming, while the ball-bearing slides allow for easy access to the contents. At 12 inches in width, it's a versatile addition to cabinets of various sizes, delivering a streamlined and well-organized kitchen experience.

This innovative Rev-A-Shelf product is designed to maximize space and minimize hassle, making it an essential addition to any kitchen setup. The 4WCTM-12BBSCDM1 not only simplifies waste management but also adds a touch of luxury to your cabinet organization. Its top-mount design and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, discreet, and efficient solution for their kitchen storage needs.


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