Rev-A-Shelf 24" Wood Pie Cut 2 Tray Set 4WLS942-24-52

The Rev-A-Shelf 24" Wood Pie Cut 2 Tray Set, model number 4WLS942-24-52, is a versatile and space-saving cabinet organization solution. This set includes two pie-cut-shaped trays made of high-quality wood, designed to maximize the storage potential of corner cabinets in your kitchen. The trays are 24 inches in width, making them suitable for a variety of cabinet sizes.

These trays are ideal for storing pots, pans, dishes, and other kitchen items while making efficient use of the often underutilized space in corner cabinets. The pie-cut design allows for easy access to items in the back corners, eliminating the need to reach deep into the cabinet. The sturdy wood construction ensures durability and a stylish appearance that complements your kitchen decor.

With the Rev-A-Shelf 24" Wood Pie Cut 2 Tray Set, you can transform your corner cabinet into a functional and organized storage space, making it easier to access and store your kitchen essentials.

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