Rev-A-Shelf  18" LD Banded Wood Full Circle Trays W/Steel Bearing 1 PER LD-4BW-001-18SB-1

The Rev-A-Shelf 18" LD Banded Wood Full Circle Tray with Steel Bearing (Model LD-4BW-001-18SB-1) is a versatile and durable kitchen storage solution. This product features an 18-inch diameter full-circle tray constructed from high-quality banded wood, providing a visually appealing and sturdy platform for organizing and accessing your kitchen essentials. Its steel bearing mechanism ensures smooth and effortless rotation, allowing you to easily reach items from all angles. This unit is designed for convenient and space-efficient storage, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen cabinet or pantry. Upgrade your kitchen's functionality and organization with this Rev-A-Shelf tray.

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