Rev-A-Shelf DBL 32 QT Wood Waste Container Blum Slides - 24" CAB 4WCSC-2432DM-2

The Rev-A-Shelf DBL 32 QT WOOD WASTE CONTAINER with BLUM SLIDES and a 24" cabinet size (model 4WCSC-2432DM-2) offers a versatile and elegant solution for kitchen waste management. Featuring two 32-quart wooden containers, this system allows you to efficiently segregate your trash and recyclables while maintaining a sleek and clutter-free appearance. The BLUM slides ensure a smooth and reliable operation, making accessing and storing your waste containers a breeze.

With its durable construction, space-saving design, and easy installation, the Rev-A-Shelf DBL 32 QT WOOD WASTE CONTAINER is the perfect addition to any kitchen, providing a functional and stylish way to manage your household waste, promoting recycling, and enhancing your kitchen's organization.

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