Tray Set for Magic Corner II - 548.11

Available Colors:  Maple Champagne; Maple Chrome; White Chrome; Gray Chrome; Anthracite Chrome

Front basket height: 88 mm

Width:  15-3/8"; Depth 8-1/2"; Height 5/16 - 3/8"

Version Non-slip 

Material - Shelf: Melamine

Surround: Steel

The Magic Corner II is a specialized solution for optimizing storage in blind corner cabinets, making hard-to-reach spaces more accessible and functional. It's designed to maximize the use of corner cabinet areas, which typically suffer from inefficiency due to difficult access.

Swivel Mechanism: It typically employs a swiveling or rotating mechanism that allows the shelves or baskets to smoothly slide out of the cabinet while simultaneously pivoting to bring the contents within reach.

Multiple Shelves or Baskets: The Magic Corner II often consists of multiple shelves or baskets attached to the swiveling mechanism. These shelves can be customized in size and depth to accommodate various items.

Soft-Close Technology: Many modern iterations of the Magic Corner II incorporate soft-close technology, ensuring that the mechanism operates smoothly and quietly and that the shelves return to their original position gently.

Ease of Installation: Depending on the model and manufacturer, it might come with different installation methods, but it's generally designed for ease of installation into existing blind corner cabinets.

Increased Accessibility: Its primary purpose is to provide better access to the entire storage space within the corner cabinet, allowing users to utilize the otherwise hard-to-reach areas efficiently.

Overall, the Magic Corner II is a popular solution for maximizing the storage potential of blind corner cabinets, providing easier access to items and significantly improving the functionality of these often underutilized spaces in kitchens or storage areas.

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