Emtek 91024 Steel Plain Bearing Hinge, 4" x 4", with 1/4" Radius Corners - Sold in Pairs

  • Dimensions: 4" x 4"
  • Thickness: 0.084" - 0.090" Thickness of Hinge Leaf
  • Fasteners: #9 x 3⁄4” screws provided
  • Material: Steel
  • Screws Holes: 8
  • Hole Pattern: "Zig-Zag" shaped template
  • Priced and Sold in Pairs

Plain Bearing Hinges: Plain bearing hinges feature knuckles that move against each other without additional bearings. They are designed for standard residential use and not recommended for heavy traffic entryways. For heavy traffic, consider a Ball Bearing Hinge.

Material: Steel is a strong metal that is significantly cheaper than Solid Brass. Its superb strength makes it suitable for heavier doors. However, steel is not as durable as brass, as it will rust over time.

Installation: This hinge is fully mortised. Three hinges should be used on doors up to 90". Add one additional hinge per each additional 30" of door height.

Corners: This hinge is designed with a 1/4" radius corner, also popular for fully mortised hinges are square cornered and 1/4" radius hinges.


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