Rev-A-Shelf CPDR-2635 Adjustable Pull Down Rod 26 inches to 35 inches

The Rev-A-Shelf CPDR-2635 Adjustable Pull Down Rod is a versatile and space-saving organization solution for your closet or wardrobe. This innovative rod is designed to provide easy access to high-hanging clothing items, making it perfect for maximizing closet space and convenience.

With an adjustable length ranging from 26 inches to 35 inches, this pull-down rod can be tailored to fit your specific closet dimensions. Installation is straightforward, and it can be mounted both on the side or underneath a shelf, allowing for customization to suit your needs.

The pull-down mechanism operates smoothly, allowing you to effortlessly lower and raise your clothing items, even in high or hard-to-reach areas. This not only simplifies your daily routine but also helps preserve your clothes by reducing the risk of stretching or damage.

Upgrade your closet organization with the Rev-A-Shelf CPDR-2635 Adjustable Pull Down Rod and experience the convenience of easy access to your hanging garments, while optimizing your closet's storage capacity.

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