Rev-A-Shelf 8 in Tray Divider, Foil & Wrap Organizer Soft-Close 447-BCSC-8C

The Rev-A-Shelf 8-inch Tray Divider, Foil & Wrap Organizer Soft-Close 447-BCSC-8C is a specific kitchen cabinet organizer designed to improve storage and organization in kitchen cabinets or pantry spaces. It is a specialized kitchen cabinet organizer designed to help homeowners efficiently store and access items like baking sheets, trays, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and other kitchen essentials.

This organizer typically consists of a pull-out mechanism that can be installed inside a kitchen cabinet. The "8-inch" in its name indicates the width of the organizer, meaning it is designed to fit cabinets with an 8-inch opening. The "Tray Divider" aspect implies that it has slots or compartments for separating and storing various types of kitchen items in an organized manner, making it easier to retrieve them when needed.

The Foil & Wrap Organizer is specifically tailored to hold items like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and similar kitchen wraps. This organizer often includes designated slots or compartments that accommodate these rolls or boxes securely.

The Soft-Close feature signifies that the pull-out mechanism is equipped with a soft-closing mechanism. This means that when you push the organizer back into the cabinet after use, it will close smoothly and quietly, without slamming shut, reducing noise and preventing damage to the organizer and cabinet over time.

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