Rev-A-Shelf 7" Frameless Side Mount Utility Base Organizer 449UT-BCSC-7C

The Rev-A-Shelf 7" FRAMELESS SIDE MOUNT UTILITY BASE ORGANIZER 449UT-BCSC-7C, is a versatile and space-saving solution for maximizing the storage capacity of your 7-inch wide frameless base cabinets. This kitchen cabinet organizer boasts a sturdy construction with durable wire or metal components, ensuring its longevity and strength in storing various items. Its side-mount design is perfect for frameless cabinets, allowing easy installation without the need for complex tools. The chrome or nickel finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides resistance to corrosion. With its sliding wire baskets or trays, this organizer offers convenient access to pots, pans, cleaning supplies, and other essentials, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen or any other space where efficient storage is required.

Size: This organizer is designed to fit within a 7-inch wide frameless cabinet, which is a common size for base cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms.

Construction: The organizer is constructed from durable materials, often featuring heavy-duty wire or metal components. This ensures it can withstand the weight of various kitchen items and remain sturdy over time.

Installation: This organizer is designed for easy installation, typically with mounting hardware included. It can be attached to the side of your cabinet without the need for extensive tools or carpentry skills.

Versatility: While primarily used in kitchens, this type of organizer can also be suitable for bathrooms, closets, or other areas where you need to optimize storage space.

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