Rev-A-Shelf 448-WC-5C 5" Wood Pull-Out Wall Cabinet Organizer 

The Rev-A-Shelf 5-inch Wood Pull-Out Wall Cabinet Organizer, model 448-WC-5C, is a versatile and efficient storage solution designed to optimize the space inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This organizer is specially crafted to help you make the most of your available storage space and keep your items neatly organized.

Constructed from durable wood, this pull-out organizer is built to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting functionality. Its key features include:

Space Optimization: The 5-inch width of this organizer is ideal for narrow cabinet spaces. It is designed to maximize the use of tight or confined areas, ensuring no space goes to waste.

Smooth Glide: The pull-out mechanism operates smoothly and quietly, thanks to its precision ball-bearing slides. This ensures that you can access your stored items easily without any hassle.

Shelving: The organizer features multiple shelves or trays, typically two or more, depending on the specific model. These shelves are perfect for storing spices, condiments, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, or any other small items that tend to clutter your cabinets.

Adjustable: Many Rev-A-Shelf organizers are adjustable, allowing you to customize the height and spacing of the shelves to accommodate different types of items and maximize storage efficiency.

Easy Installation: The organizer comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions for straightforward installation in your cabinet. It can typically be mounted on the cabinet's interior side wall.

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