Tresco 3W/FT FLEXTAPE 16.4' (5M) ROLL 3000K L-FLXTPE-30RH-1

The 3W/FT FLEXTAPE LED Lighting, is a versatile and energy-efficient solution for your lighting needs. This product comes in a convenient 16.4' (5 meters) roll and offers a warm white illumination with a color temperature of 3000K. With a power consumption of 3 watts per foot, this FLEXTAPE is ideal for creating cozy and elegant atmospheres, making it perfect for accent lighting and various decorative applications. Upgrade your space with this flexible and visually appealing lighting solution.

- Product: 3W/FT FLEXTAPE LED Lighting.
- Length: Convenient 16.4' (5 meters) roll.
- Color Temperature: Emitting a warm white glow at 3000K.
- Energy-efficient: Power consumption of 3 watts per foot.
- Versatile: Perfect for accent lighting, creating cozy atmospheres, and adding an elegant touch.
- Flexibility: The flexible design allows you to illuminate various spaces creatively.
- Decorative: Enhance your surroundings with visually appealing lighting.
- Easy Installation: Flexible design for easy installation in different areas.
- Ambiance: Ideal for setting the mood and creating an inviting environment.

Elevate your space with the 3W/FT FLEXTAPE LED Lighting, offering both functionality and aesthetic enhancement.

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