Rev-A-Shelf 35 Quart Pull-Out Waste Container Soft-Close 53WC-1535SCDM-117

The Rev-A-Shelf 35 Quart Pull-Out Waste Container with Soft-Close (Model 53WC-1535SCDM-117) is a space-saving kitchen accessory designed to discreetly hold 35 quarts of trash or recyclables inside a cabinet. Its soft-close feature ensures quiet and gentle closing, while its durable construction and easy installation make it a convenient waste management solution for any kitchen. Optional lids are available for enhanced cleanliness, and they promotes environmental responsibility by facilitating waste separation and recycling.

Space-Saving Design: Fits inside your cabinet, optimizing kitchen space and keeping trash out of sight.
35-Quart Capacity: Holds a generous amount of trash, reducing the frequency of emptying.
Soft-Close Mechanism: Provides quiet and gentle closing, extending cabinet hardware life.
Durable Construction: Built to last, resistant to moisture and spills.
Easy Installation: Comes with clear instructions and hardware for straightforward setup.
Optional Lids: Offers additional cleanliness and odor control options.
Environmentally Friendly: Encourages recycling and waste separation, promoting sustainability.

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