Rev-A-Shelf 32 in White Polymer Kidney Lazy Susans 2-Shelf 3472-32-11-52

The Rev-A-Shelf 32-inch White Polymer Kidney Lazy Susans with 2 shelves (model number 3472-32-11-52) is a practical and space-saving storage solution for your kitchen or pantry. These Lazy Susans are designed in a kidney shape, making them ideal for corner cabinets or spaces that require efficient utilization.

Key features include:
Two-Shelf Design: These Lazy Susans come with two circular shelves, providing ample storage space for organizing your kitchen essentials.

Durable Polymer Construction: Made from high-quality white polymer, these Lazy Susans are sturdy and built to withstand everyday use.

Smooth Rotation: The Lazy Susans can rotate 360 degrees, allowing easy access to items stored on both shelves, making it convenient to find what you need.

Easy Installation: They are designed for easy installation in most standard kitchen cabinets, making them a convenient addition to your existing storage.

White Finish: The white finish gives a clean and contemporary look that can complement various kitchen decors.

These Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susans are a practical choice for maximizing storage space in your kitchen while keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

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