Tresco 25C, N2 Top Emitting Link Cord White L-N2-LNK25-1

The 25C N2 Top Emitting Link Cord in white (L-N2-LNK25-1) is a specialized cable designed for linking and connecting devices in a versatile and efficient manner. With its top-emitting design, it offers seamless connectivity without compromising aesthetics. This cord is optimized for N2 applications, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transmission. Its 25C configuration signifies its capability to handle various tasks while maintaining optimal performance. Whether for professional setups or personal use, this link cord provides a dependable solution for establishing connections in a clean and organized manner.

Cable Length: The cord is designed to be 25 centimeters (cm) long, providing a compact and convenient link between devices.
Top-Emitting Design: The cable's top-emitting design ensures that it can be discreetly integrated into setups without compromising the visual aesthetics.
Color: Available in a clean white color, the cord blends well with various environments and devices.
N2 Compatibility: The cord is optimized for N2 applications, making it suitable for high-speed data transmission and reliable connectivity.
Versatile Connectivity: With its design and length, the cord facilitates efficient linking and connecting of devices without clutter.
Durable Construction: The cord is built to withstand regular use, providing longevity and dependable performance.
Connector Type: The cord features connectors on both ends that are tailored to ensure a secure fit and reliable connection.
 Application: The cord is designed for various professional and personal applications, where efficient and organized connections are essential.

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