The Tresco L-RGBWIRE25-1 is a 25-foot roll of 22AWG RGB wire designed for lighting applications. It's suitable for connecting and extending RGB LED strips or fixtures. The wire's 22AWG gauge ensures reliable power transmission, and its flexibility makes installation easy. It's insulated for safety and compatible with standard RGB LED controllers. Ideal for architectural lighting, events, and home decor where customizable RGB lighting effects are desired. 
- Length: The roll includes 25 feet (approximately 7.6 meters) of RGB wire.
- Wire Gauge: The wire is constructed with 22AWG copper conductors, ensuring reliable power transmission and minimizing voltage drop.
- RGB Compatibility: The wire is specifically designed for RGB applications, allowing you to connect red, green, and blue color channels to create a wide range of color combinations.
- Flexibility: The wire is flexible and easy to work with, enabling you to navigate corners and bends during installation.
- Insulation: The wire is insulated to protect against short circuits and ensure safe usage in lighting setups.
- Universal Compatibility: The wire is compatible with standard RGB LED controllers, amplifiers, and power supplies commonly used in lighting systems.

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