Tresco 24VDC 2M Barrel/2 Screw TRML Starter Lead L-24B2SPKT-2M-1

 The 24VDC 2M Starter Lead (L-24B2SPKT-2M-1), is a versatile cable designed for efficient electrical connections. With a length of 2 meters, this lead operates at 24 volts DC and features a combination of barrel and two screw terminal connectors. It's a reliable solution for various applications, offering both convenience and flexibility in your electrical setups.
Key Features:
- Voltage Compatibility: Engineered for perfect synergy with 24VDC power supplies, ensuring seamless integration with Tresco lighting systems.
- Length: With an optimal 2-meter length, this starter lead effectively connects components across moderate distances.
- Connectors: Features a secure barrel connector on one end for streamlined power source attachment, and two screw terminals on the other end for easy fixture connection.
- Versatility: Designed to cater to various Tresco lighting fixtures, including LED strips, under-cabinet luminaires, and other low-voltage solutions.
- Secure Connection: The incorporation of screw terminals ensures a steadfast electrical connection, reducing the risk of instability.

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