Tresco 2.5w-FT EE FlexTape 16x4 5M Roll LED 6000K L-FLXTPE-65EER-1

Introducing the ultimate lighting solution that combines flexibility, efficiency, and brilliance - the 2.5w-FT EE FlexTape 16x4 5M Roll LED in dazzling 6000K. Elevate your spaces with this cutting-edge LED tape, designed to illuminate your surroundings like never before.

Experience the future of lighting with the 2.5w-FT EE FlexTape. With its sleek and adaptable design, it effortlessly contours to any surface, allowing you to bring light to even the most unconventional spaces. Whether you're revamping your living room, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace, or creating an ambiance in your bedroom, this versatile LED tape is your answer.

Boasting an impressive 6000K color temperature, the FlexTape ensures a pure and crisp illumination that invigorates your space with a refreshing natural light effect. Say goodbye to dull and dim environments – revel in the vibrant radiance that this LED tape delivers.

Durable, reliable, and designed for longevity, the 2.5w-FT EE FlexTape guarantees a lasting investment in quality lighting. Trust in its performance and let it redefine the way you experience light.
- Product: 2.5w-FT EE FlexTape 16x4 5M Roll LED
- Color Temperature: 6000K
- Width: 16mm
- Height: 4mm
- Length: 5 meters (roll)
- Versatile Design
- Sleek and adaptable design
- Flexes to fit any surface

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