The Tresco 12VDC 4.4 W/FT RGB FlexTape is a dynamic lighting solution designed for indoor and outdoor use. Its flexibility and customizable RGB LEDs allow for the creation of captivating lighting effects in a variety of spaces. With a power consumption of 4.4 watts per foot, this lighting solution balances efficiency with visual impact, making it suitable for architectural accents, displays, and more. Whether illuminating curves or adding a burst of color, the FlexTape offers a versatile and artistic approach to lighting design.
- 12VDC: This LED strip operates using a 12-volt direct current power source.
- 4.4 W/FT: The strip consumes 4.4 watts of power per foot of its length.
- RGB: Equipped with red, green, and blue LEDs, this strip can produce a wide range of colors.
- FLEXTAPE: Designed as flexible tape-like material, the strip can be bent and mounted on various surfaces.
- W/IC: The strip features integrated circuitry, allowing for controlled lighting effects.
- 13' ROLL: Available in rolls measuring 13 feet in length.

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