Tresco 12VDC 30W Equiline Power Supply W/MNT Block L-DC-EQ30-1

The Tresco 12VDC 30W Equiline Power Supply with Mounting Block (Model: L-DC-EQ30-1) is a versatile and efficient electrical device designed to provide a steady 12-volt direct current (DC) output at 30 watts of power. This power supply is an essential component for various applications requiring a reliable and consistent power source. The included mounting block ensures secure installation in different settings, making it suitable for both residential and commercial environments. The Tresco Equiline Power Supply is engineered to deliver optimal performance, enabling the seamless operation of LED lighting systems, electronic devices, and other compatible equipment. It serves as a dependable power solution with its compact design and adaptable mounting capabilities.

  • Product: Tresco 12VDC 30W Equiline Power Supply (Model: L-DC-EQ30-1).
  • Output: Steady 12VDC, 30W power.
  • Versatility: For various applications.
  • Mounting: Includes secure Mounting Block.
  • Settings: Residential & commercial suitability.
  • Performance: Optimal for LED, electronics.
  • Compact: Space-efficient design.
  • Dependable: Reliable uninterrupted power.
  • Efficiency: Efficient energy conversion.
  • User-Friendly: Easy installation & use.
  • Reliable: Consistent power over time.
  • Applications: LED, electronics, 12VDC devices.

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