Tresco Swidget WI-FI Control + Guidelight Insert White L-WI002UWA-1

The Tresco SWIDGET Wi-Fi Control + Guidelight Insert (Model: L-WI002UWA-1) in White is a smart home accessory that seamlessly integrates with voice assistants and smartphone apps for easy remote control. It features built-in Guidelight functionality for added convenience and safety. With its sleek white design, easy installation, and customizable scheduling, it enhances energy efficiency while complementing your home decor. This insert is a stylish and reliable addition to your smart home setup.

Smart Home Integration: Works with popular voice assistants and smartphone apps for remote control.

Guidelight Functionality: Built-in ambient white light for night illumination.

Sleek White Design: Discreet and stylish to blend with your wall outlets.

Easy Installation: Replaces existing wall outlets with no special tools required.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Connect to your home network for remote control.

Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free operation.

Customizable Scheduling: Set timers and schedules for lights and devices.

Energy Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills.

App Compatibility: Manage multiple inserts and settings with a user-friendly app.

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