Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-VK2Z2A-32-30

32 Ft.. 225 Lumens/Ft. 12-volt Standard Output Duo Wireless Controller Tape Light Kit, 2 Zone 2 Area, Single-White

 The Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-VK2Z2A-32-30 offers a comprehensive solution for tailored illumination in various settings. This kit features a 32-foot tape light with a brightness of 225 lumens per foot and operates at 12 volts, providing a standard output for consistent lighting.

Key Specifications:
- Length: 32 feet
- Brightness: 225 Lumens/Ft.
- Voltage: 12V
- Control: Duo Wireless Controller
- Zones: 2 Zone 2 Area
- Color Temperature: Soft White 3000K

This kit includes a Duo Wireless Controller that allows for seamless management of two zones across two areas, offering precise control over the illumination settings. The single-white feature in Soft White 3000K ensures a warm and inviting ambiance suitable for various indoor applications.

With its extensive length and customizable zoning capabilities, this Task Lighting kit provides ample coverage and adaptability for residential, commercial, or creative lighting projects, allowing users to create personalized and ambient lighting setups effortlessly.

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