Task Lighting Bar Light 120V Tunable L-BL-PC-05-B

 5 ft Plug Cable for 120V Bar Light, Black

The Task Lighting Bar Light 120V Tunable L-BL-PC-05-B presents a highly adaptable lighting solution designed to cater to diverse environments. This 5-foot plug cable, engineered specifically for the 120V Bar Light, is finished in a sleek black hue, ensuring functionality and visual appeal.

- Length: 5 feet
- Voltage: 120V
- Color: Black

Crafted to integrate with the Task Lighting Bar Light seamlessly, this cable facilitates effortless installation and a dependable power supply. Its flexible length offers versatile placement options, catering to various lighting setups and spatial requirements.

Experience the seamless synergy of functionality and style with this 5-foot black plug cable, designed to complement the Task Lighting Bar Light's performance while adding an element of sophistication to your lighting arrangements.


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