Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit L-TK1Z1A-16

16 Ft.. 300 Lumens/Ft.. 12-volt Standard Output Wired Controller Tape Light Kit 1 Zone 1 Area, Tunable-White, 2700K–5000K

 The Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit is a comprehensive lighting solution that offers versatility and adjustable illumination. This kit includes a 16-foot length of tape lighting, delivering an impressive 300 lumens per foot, ensuring powerful and customizable lighting for various applications.

Tape Lighting: Length: 16 feet
Operating at a 12-volt standard output, this kit comes equipped with a wired controller, allowing precise management of the lighting within one zone or area. The tunable feature enables users to adjust the color temperature seamlessly between 2700K to 5000K, providing a broad spectrum of lighting options from warm, cozy tones to cooler, more invigorating hues.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, this lighting kit allows for tailored lighting experiences to suit different environments and tasks. Whether it's creating an inviting ambiance or enhancing task-specific areas, the adjustable color temperature and high-lumen output offer flexibility and functionality.

Overall, the Task Lighting Single Color Lighting Kit provides an extensive 16-foot length of tape lighting with a wide range of color temperatures and a powerful lumen output, offering adaptable and efficient lighting solutions for various spaces and needs.


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