Rev-A-Shelf  Rev A Lock 5 Lock 2 Key Ras Prod RAL-101-1

The Rev-A-Shelf Rev A Lock RAL-101-1 is a versatile and reliable child safety and security accessory designed to keep your cabinets and drawers secure. This package includes 5 locks and 2 keys, making it a comprehensive solution for multiple areas in your home.

The RAL-101-1 utilizes a simple, yet effective, locking mechanism that can be installed on various types of cabinets, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, or any other furniture that needs to be kept off-limits to children or protected from unauthorized access. The two included keys provide convenient access for adults while keeping your belongings or hazardous items safely out of reach for kids.

Installation is straightforward, and the locks are designed to be inconspicuous, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets and drawers. The Rev-A-Shelf Rev A Lock RAL-101-1 offers peace of mind and enhanced safety for households with young children or for anyone looking to secure their cabinets and drawers efficiently.

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