Rev-A-Shelf 3" Wood Pullout Base Organizer 438-BC-3C

The Rev-A-Shelf3" WOOD PULLOUT BASE ORGANIZER 438-BC-3C is a highly functional and space-saving kitchen cabinet accessory designed to enhance organization and convenience. This innovative organizer unit, featuring sturdy construction and precision engineering, transforms your cabinet base into an efficient storage solution. With its Blumotion Soft-Close technology, it ensures quiet and gentle closing, reducing wear and tear while maintaining a serene kitchen environment. Its 6-inch width is perfect for storing pots, pans, and various kitchen items, optimizing your cabinet space. Easy to install, this organizer simplifies your daily kitchen routine and maximizes the utilization of your cabinet space, making it a must-have for any modern kitchen.

Optimized Cabinet Space: Maximize your cabinet storage with this 6-inch organizer.
Quiet and Gentle Closing: Blumotion Soft-Close technology ensures noiseless and smooth closing.
Durable Build: Sturdily constructed for long-lasting use.
Easy Installation: Simple installation process for quick setup.
Efficient Kitchen Accessory: Ideal for decluttering and organizing your kitchen essentials.

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