Rev-A-Shelf  18" LD Banded Wood Full Circle 3 Tray Set W/36" C/S HDW LD-4BW-063-1836-1

The Rev-A-Shelf 18" LD Banded Wood Full Circle 3 Tray Set with 36" Center Shaft Hardware (LD-4BW-063-1836-1) is a versatile and efficient storage solution for your kitchen or pantry. This set includes three durable wood trays that are designed in a full-circle configuration, allowing you to maximize your cabinet space and access items easily. The set comes complete with a 36" center shaft for added stability and smooth rotation. With its high-quality banded wood construction, this tray set is both stylish and functional, providing a practical way to organize and access your kitchen essentials. Ideal for corner cabinets, this Rev-A-Shelf tray set helps you make the most of your storage space while keeping your items within easy reach.

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