Rev-A-Shelf 6.5" Utensil Organizer W/Blum Soft Close 9" FL CAB 448UT-BCSC-6C

The Rev-A-Shelf 6.5" Utensil Organizer with Soft Close (SC) is a highly functional and space-saving kitchen accessory designed to help you keep your utensils organized and easily accessible. This organizer is crafted with quality and precision, and it features a Blum soft-close mechanism, ensuring smooth and quiet opening and closing of drawers.

With its 6.5-inch width, it provides ample space for storing various utensils such as cutlery, kitchen tools, and flatware, keeping them neatly separated and preventing clutter. The soft-close feature adds a touch of elegance and prevents slamming, making it a user-friendly addition to your kitchen cabinets or drawers.

The  448UT-BCSC-6C is a practical solution for maintaining an organized and efficient kitchen space while enhancing the overall kitchen aesthetics. Its durability, functionality, and sleek design make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

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