Rev-A-Shelf CPDR-3548 35 to 48 Inch Adjustable Side Mounted Pull Down Closet Rod with Telescoping Handle and Mounting Hardware, Chrome

The Rev-A-Shelf CPDR-3548 is a versatile and convenient closet organization solution designed to maximize space and accessibility. This adjustable side-mounted pull-down closet rod is constructed from durable chrome material, ensuring both strength and a sleek aesthetic.

With a telescoping handle, this system allows you to easily lower and raise the hanging rod to your desired height, making it accessible for users of varying heights or for different storage needs. The package includes all necessary mounting hardware for straightforward installation.

This product is ideal for optimizing closet space and ensuring efficient organization, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe or storage area. Its flexibility and durability make it a practical choice for anyone seeking to make the most of their closet space.

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