Rev-A-Shelf 7" Frameless Side Mount Base Organizer 449-BCSC-7C

The Rev-A-Shelf 7" Frameless Side Mount Base Organizer 449-BCSC-7C, is a versatile and efficient storage solution designed to optimize the functionality of your kitchen cabinets or other spaces. This organizer is perfect for those looking to maximize the storage potential of their base cabinets while maintaining a clean and organized interior.

Frameless Design: The frameless construction of this organizer allows it to seamlessly integrate into your cabinet, offering a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. It's designed for compatibility with frameless base cabinets.

Side-Mount Installation: This organizer is designed for side-mount installation, making it easy to access your stored items without having to reach into the back of the cabinet. It ensures that every inch of your cabinet space is efficiently utilized.

Sturdy Construction: Constructed from durable materials, this organizer is built to withstand daily use and is capable of supporting heavy items. It's designed for long-lasting reliability.

Smooth Operation: The organizer is equipped with smooth, ball-bearing slides, allowing for effortless pull-out and push-in movements. This ensures that you can access your items easily and without hassle.

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